Mabel Murple’s World

Welcome to the wonderful whimsical world of Mabel Murple’s. Author Sheree Fitch approached Scotia Systems, looking for a fun, interactive website that would appeal to all ages and work across a variety of devices. The website was to accompany the launch of Mabel Murple’s World in River John, Nova Scotia so had to arrive on time! The project was completely different, integrating fun animations with bright colours and enticing graphics. Take a look at the end result and pay a visit to Mabel Murple’s World in real life!

Starting up a new, out- of- the- box company is exhilarating and nerve racking. It’s vital to communicate vision, information and what you offer in an authentic, inviting way from the beginning. Nick guided us through every step of the process and we have a site we are very happy with. He worked creatively and created the blend of whimsy, joy and professionalism we wanted for our website in our first year. As we go forward,we will look forward to working with him again and highly recommend his services.

Sheree Fitch , author and owner of Mabel Murples Book shoppe and Dreamery

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